Friday, September 26, 2014

Nissan's built an electric pickup that it'll never sell

Nissan Leaf Pickup
There are probably lots of justifiable reasons why carmakers haven't got around to making an electric pickup that anyone can buy (range and demand would be just two), but that doesn't mean such vehicles don't exist. Engineers at Nissan, with a little too much time on their hands, wanted to create a neat way of ferrying people and parts around their Test Center in Stanfield, Arizona. Using the project as a team building exercise, designers Roland Schellenberg and Arnold Moulinet took a Leaf EV, cut off its roof, replaced it with the top of a Titan pickup and added a shortened rear bed from a Frontier. The end result is "Sparky," a stylish little electric pickup that won't ever leave Nissan's 3,050-acre test facility, but gives us hope that we'll one day see a little more EV variation on our roads.
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