Monday, January 21, 2013

Random security predictions for 2013

Lots of malware and industry activity but continuing intransigence in Washington

It’s January 15 which means I probably should have posted a blog on my security predictions for 2013. Here is a somewhat random list of things I believe will happen this year:
1. Visible increase in hacktivism. Hacktivists have a lot to build upon in 2013 including the tragic death or Aaron Swartz, some notable 2012 successes by Anonymous (ex. OpVendetta), the trial of PFC Bradley Manning, etc. There is also a growing trend toward global hacktivism against domestic organizations and the U.S. government. I expect at least one major hacktivism incident per month this year.
2. Continued cybersecurity waffling on Capitol Hill. It took the financial sword of Damocles to get Democrats and Republicans to compromise on legislation to avoid falling off the fiscal cliff at the eleventh hour. Regrettably, cybersecurity legislation lacks a similar trigger. Given the volume of cybersecurity breaches, we should hear a lot of rhetoric from both parties but Washington has bigger fish to fry and legislators aren’t anxious for geeky debates about things they don’t understand. The wild card is a major cybersecurity incident. If this happens, expect lots of finger pointing and a reactive bill that serves as the cybersecurity equivalent of the USA Patriot Act. In short, we can expect inaction or bad action from Washington and nothing more.
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