Thursday, September 13, 2012

Apple's September 12th event roundup: iPhone 5, new iPods, iOS 6, Lightning and everything else

The rumored iPad mini didn't rear its mythical seven-inch screen today at Yerba Buena, but no matter, as the iPhone 5 brought a potent smack of thunder Lightning. A few mere hours ago, the oft-leakedsmartphone was officially been revealed by Apple, along with the next-generation iPod Nano, a redesigned iPod Touch packed with a Retina display and iOS 6 in its final form -- and those were just the main announcements. Of course, scrolling through Engadget's homepage might not be ideal if you're looking to sift through the day's news from Cupertino's favorite tech company in one fell swoop -- and that's why we've rounded it all up here, in one convenient spot. You can re-live the event at our archivedliveblog here, otherwise you'll find a full listing of the news from it after the jump.

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