Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The real 'investment protection' story of the Cisco 6500

As I am sure you all saw, Cisco recently announced the Supervisor 2T, extending the lifespan of the much loved platform. This continues Cisco's marketing message of investment protection around the 6500 ... the problem is, that the 'investment protection' story told here is simply false. The truth is that an upgrade to the Supervisor-2T in the manner described in Cisco's launch announcements would result in no bandwidth improvement and potentially over 7x performance reduction from the performance of the Supervisor 720 .
Essentially, Cisco said that at $38,000, the Sup 2T is priced at one-third that of HP's A9508 switch yet is 3X the performance and supports 200+ features or services, claims Scott Gainey, Cisco director of marketing for Unified Access Solutions.  Gainey further said, "... a forklift upgrade to a comparable HP switch architecture would likely cost that customer more than $100,000, he said, and gives the customer only 720 Gbps of throughput."
Cisco Catalyst family at Cisco Live
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