Saturday, September 3, 2011

AR.Drone control finally comes to Android, lazy quadrocopter enthusiasts rejoice

The folks at Parrot have been promising us an Android app for the AR.Drone since pretty much day one. Well, it certainly took long enough (it's been over a year since the app was demoed at Google I/O), but pre-made quadrocopter fans no longer have to reach for unofficial solutions to pilot their unmanned vehicle with their Droids. Sadly, games for the flying augmented reality platform are still MIA, but at least you can fire up AR.FreeFlight and have the $299 UAV tear around your block and annoy your neighbors. But, it shouldn't take long for some one to whip up something fun with the SDK. Check out the video and PR after the break, and hit up the more coverage link to download the free app now.

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