Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rumor: HTC September 1st event to be Windows Phone 7 only

HTC sent out the invites for their 1 September event but they were coy about what they'll be showing - but they did promise food, drinks and lots of techy fun. A report now claims that only Windows Phone 7 phones will be on the gadget menu.

The prime suspects are the HTC Eternity and the HTC Omega. Both will be running Windows Phone 7 Mango and those should be among the first Mango devices as 1 September is exactly the rumored datewhen Mango should become available.
The HTC Eternity will have a monstrous 4.7" S-LCD screen, an 8MP camera, a 1.5GHz processor, or so we heard anyway (there are conflicting reports). The HTC Omega reportedly has a similar 1.5GHz CPU and an 8MP camera, but a smaller 3.8" screen.

The HTC Eternity should be one of the first LTE-enabled devices to hit AT&T and according to rumors, it's slated for a December launch. The Omega on the other hand should go to T-Mobile. Of course, if HTC does announce the two during their events across Europe, you can bet we'll see Euro versions of the phones too (maybe without the LTE though).
We'll be covering the HTC event so we'll see first hand if the Eternity and Omega really are what HTC announces on 1 September. Samsung also has an event on 1 September and we're expecting to see the I9250/Nexus Prime. A lot of excitement even before IFA starts the next day.
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