Monday, July 25, 2011

Cisco exec: "Demand for Cius is higher than we expected."

Cisco won't have a 3G-capable Cius until the fall, when it will be released for Verizon customers. Yet Cisco execs say that are already wowed by early orders of the WiFi-only tablet/IP phone combo.
"Demand for Cius is higher than we expected," said Barry O'Sullivan, senior VP of Cisco's Collaboration and Communication Group to a group of of journalists at Cisco Live. O'Sullivan wouldn't reveal details, except to say volume has been "lots."
I'm taking that with a grain of salt as Cisco wouldn't exactly be saying otherwise. However, O'Sullivan pointed out "We ship $7 billion worth of IP phones per year." Ergo, if a fraction of those users opt to "move up" to the Cius instead of a high-end IP phone, like the $746.25 Cisco CP-9971-W, a six-line SIP phone with a touch screen or even the $329 Cisco SPA525G2, a 5-line IP phone with a 3.2 color display, the Cius will be popular.
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