Friday, September 26, 2014

iPhone 6 Bending and 10 Other Apple Product Glitches

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Apple's exciting, groundbreaking technologies have a history of glitchy beginnings.
Since the start of the second Steve Jobs era at Apple, the company has consistently been at the bleeding edge of consumer tech. The unfortunate downside of all this innovation is that when a device has a glitch, those problems make headlines around the world.
In the competitive world of consumer technology, where there are billion-dollar paydays for being the first to perfect a technology that captures the public's imagination, it's very much in companies' interest to keep their cards very close to their corporate chest. That means that in Apple's case, much of its testing appears to be conducted within the confines of its Cupertino headquarters (though there might be a good reason for that). This inevitably leads to issues to identified and fixed only after the devices hit consumers' hands.
For example, Apple's latest experience with this paradigm is #BendGate. Many early adopters of the new super-sized 6 Plus are finding that their phones are becoming warped. Note that the iPhone 6 Plus is not designed to be curved like LG's G Flex.

Surely, the company will have a fix for the issue in next generation of Plus (if there is one). For this is the way Apple tests its new technologies. All you early adopters out there who simply must have the very first generation of Apple's latest gadgets are actually Cupertino's beta testers. And you're paying hundreds of dollars for the privilege.
Apple has introduced a lot of amazing things into the world of consumer technology. However, there are a lot more stumbling blocks than the rabid Apple fanbase may like to acknowledge. Hit the slideshow for a look at the glitches that line Apple's path to greatness.
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