Monday, January 21, 2013

Huawei 2012 results: $2.5 billion profit, smartphone penetration 'still way too low'

Huawei 2012 results $25 billion profit, smartphone penetration 'still way too low'
Huawei has announced some pretty respectable numbers for the year just passed, with the company taking $35.4 billion (CNY 220.2 billion) in revenue and turning that into a $2.48 billion (CNY 15.4 billion) profit -- both figures show an improvement over their 2011 counterparts. CFO Cathy Meng, daughter of Huawei's founder, said that despite the money coming in, "smartphone penetration is still way too low and there is a lot of room for growth." Meng also brought up the ongoing trust issues with the US, which she doesn't expect to hamper growth. Huawei is certainly maturing its international business regardless -- 66 percent of overall revenue came from other regions. All we know is that Huawei's becoming increasingly visible at international trade shows likeCES, and it will undoubtedly have more to share at the upcoming MWC, where we can only hope to hear more about that mouth-watering eight-core chip.
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