Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ALU expected to challenge Cisco, Juniper in core

Edge router rival ready for a core revival 10 years after dealing ACEIS

Alcatel-Lucent is reportedly ready to give Cisco and Juniper a run for the money in core routing. The company, which dukes it out with both in service provider edge routing, is about to pop a core router based on its 400Gbps FP3 processor, according to ITWire.
This would be ALU's second run at the core. Anyone remember the 7770 Routing Core Platform and7670 Routing Switch Platform with ACEIS? The 7770 was then respun into the 7770 Optical Branch Exchange.
Only the 7670 RSP appears to have survived from that fearsome foursome.
Ten Years After. Looks like the FP3 has inspired ALU to take another run at it. That, and its No. 2 or 3 position in edge routing. Observers are crowing about the potential of the FP3, according to the ITWire piece. Maybe it can correct the mistakes of the 7770 and ACEIS.
ALU will be re-entering a core router market that declined 7% in the first quarter, according to a bulletin issued this week from investment firm UBS. Cisco gained share in Q1, and now stands at 62% vs. 59% in 2011. Juniper's share declined by four percentage points, to 25% from 29% in Q1 of 2011. Huawei's share was flat at 10%.
UBS stated in its bulletin that ALU is "likely to enter mkt in 2012."
In the edge, the market grew 5% in Q1 to $1.6B, but shrank 6% from Q4 2011. Cisco had a 41% share in Q1, up 4% from last year, while Juniper grew share from Q4 but was down 3% from Q1 of 2011.  
ALU's share was up slightly in Q1 from a year ago, at 25% vs. 24%, but down from 26% in Q4.
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