Monday, August 8, 2011

I’ve got a new MPLS lab. Tell me how to play with it

What do you get a Lab Rat that already has everything? Give her WAN lab equipment and tell her she has a side project to build whatever she wants with it!

I’ve just had Christmas in July.  I’ve been given a whole list of lab equipment, so big that naming all the SIPs, SPAs, and line cards, would end up blowing my word count limit for one blog.  So I’ll just keep it at a high level.
  • 1 CRS-16
  • 2 CRS-16-RP
  • 4 12406s and 4 PRP-3
  • 1 ASR1002 and 1 ASR1000-RP1
  • 2 ASR1006 and 4 ASR1000-RP1
  • 2 7600s and 4 RSP720-3CXL
My present is a hand-me-down.  A co-worker of mine in the Cisco Customer Proof of Concept Lab (CPOC) Brett Huffman, had built out the original MPLS cloud for use by our CPOC engineers for when they have customers requesting to connect to a MPLS cloud into their network during their CPOC visit.

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