Saturday, July 2, 2011

CCNA Lab Part 8: How Many Switches, and Which Ones?

It's time to wrap up (hoorah!) this spring's foray into the question of what to put in your CCNA lab. I hope that you've found the series useful. Today, I'll touch on a few final points with switches, looking at two questions. First, how many do you really need for CCNA study, and can you mix the switch models?

How Many Switches

The short answer is that you need 1, could really use 2, get some benefit from 3, and 4 or more is probably overkill. All that is my opinion, but it's worth some discussion.
First, I hate to repeat what's already easily read elsewhere, and I did actually write about this very issue in early 2010. The CCNA exam hasn't revved since that time, so all those comments still apply. But let me summarize the main points here in one place:
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