Saturday, June 4, 2011

Preparing for World IPv6 Day

World IPv6 Day (June 8, 2011) is approaching in about a week. This will be a landmark day for IPv6 Internet connectivity and IPv6-capable content providers. You will want to be prepared for this historic day in networking. This article will give you the background on what is happening on that day and how to help your organization be ready for the fun.
You may have already heard of World IPv6 Day. The initial announcement came on January 12th of this year. As more organizations realized that this was a good idea, others joined in by making announcements of their intent to participate. Over the past few months there has been more coverage of the event. This quarter's The Internet Protocol Journal (Volume 14, Number 1) has an article on World IPv6 Day and its contents are almost completely IPv6-related. World IPv6 Day is even listed in this month's WIRED magazine as the "Nerdiest Holiday Ever: 6/8/11" (June 2011 on page 50). Even though their article was devoid of any good technical substance it was nevertheless amusing. Their suggestions for how to prepare and celebrate the day include: bake a cake, decorate your office in orange streamers, give gifts, and send a card. I decided to take their advice and make a greeting card to commemorate the day. However, giving a gift of a static public IPv4 address would also be a nice present. :^)
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